Primera LX900 color label printer

by admin on December 5, 2012

Quality color labels make an impression.

These images often shape and define a customer's first interaction with a particular product, and if the label is not eye-popping, attention-grabbing and visually pleasing, it could mean a lost sale for that business. These missed opportunities add up, impacting a business's ability to steer its brand and control the conversation.

Quality custom label printers can make all the difference.

Available from Optimedia Labs, the Primera LX900 color label printer is a premier device for the quick and economical production of colorful labels for your products,  boxes and packaging. Primera is a leading name in desktop label printing technology, and Optimedia Labs offers its products and accessories at a price that is affordable and accessible to more businesses.

Advanced printing technology means higher quality results

With colorful consumer-facing labels, baked goods and confectionary makers can add the right level of fun and whimsy to their packaging, ensuring customers keep coming back for their tasty treats.

With elegant and regal labels, vineyards can ensure that their bottles of vintage appeal to the senses of a scrutinizing clientele. And with informative product labels, companies that make personal health products, vitamins and supplements can ensure that customers know exactly what to expect from their items.

Primera’s LX900 print makes it possible for these businesses – and others – to make an impact. The Primera LX900 color label printer includes Primera’s Imaging Perfection technology, which yields images that are crisp, sharp and offer photo-realistic print quality. The device produces professional-quality labels that are perfect for short-run orders, whether businesses need to proof images before an extended run, text labels before sending them to market or create promotional labels for short campaigns.

Primera LX900 is fine-tuned for speed and efficiency

Primera calls its LX900 the fastest desktop label printer in the world – and for good reason. The Primera LX900 can produce labels 8.25 inches in width at a rate of 4.5 inches per second in draft mode, printing items in runs as high as the thousands from a single computer.

Ink is also managed in the same way as traditional desktop printers, with different cartridges for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. That means easy and economical ink replacement, supported by a semi-permanent print head that can be replaced when needed and a stock of economical printing materials for additional savings

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